SHAREit exe 2018 For PC Download


SHAREit exe 2018 For PC DownloadSHAREit EXE 2018 For PC Download is one of the applications you must install on your android smartphone as a file transfer application or application that works to send and receive files such as music, video, photos, applications, files (ZIP, RAR), text office, etc. With the advantages It has the speed in sending or receiving data from or to other devices, that’s why SHAREit is a file transfer application that you recommended install on your smartphone! If most people only recognize Bluetooth as a smartphone feature commonly used to send and receive data from other devices, but in SHAREit you no longer need to use the Bluetooth function, you only need to use the Wi-Fi network you must first enable to transfer and Receive a file in the way it works.

With the SHAREit application, there are some advantages that you can feel compared to how to send and receive data, as usual, using Bluetooth, how to use it is also quite easy, simply by enabling the Wi-Fi device that sends and the device will receive it. Although it must use Wi-Fi In the way it works, you do not have to worry about internet data quota because SHAREit does not use allowance data in your device at all. So don’t worry that the quota in your device will be truncated by this application because SHAREit EXE 2018 For PC Download only needs Wi-Fi activation! And nothing more in how it works.

If you send a file with the size 350-400 MB with Bluetooth it will take a long time, maybe up to 20 minutes may even be more, but if you use SHAREit application then send files with size 350-400 MB only takes 1-2 Minute course to transfer the file. With the note of the distance between devices during the data transfer process is running should not be too far, the closer the device then the file transfer speeds as well as the distance between devices, the longer the transfer process file, but I do not think that’s a problem.

With the SHAREit application, its data transfer speed up to 40x faster than Bluetooth. Applications offered by Lenovo Corp. is very useful because of its superiority in covering almost all devices from the start Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and even PC. The app under the name SHAREit EXE 2018 For PC Download has a high rating of 4.4 on the PlayStore. But for you who still do not understand how to use the SHAREit application in sending or receiving the file, below I will give the tutorial how to use it and also will I review bit advantages of this form.

SHAREit EXE 2018 For PC Download Features

  1. Fast In Sending Nor Receiving Files
    SHAREit File Transfer application does have a very striking power, and you can instantly feel pros the speed in sending and receiving data from or to other devices very quickly.
  2. Easier Sending Inter-Device Applications
    With SHAREit you will easily share Android apps to your friends, because with SHAREit you no longer need to change application files to app form first etc. to send the application, in SHAREit you can directly send the application already installed on your device without the need to be countered first.
  3. Can Send Different File Types
    You can send different types of data via SHAREit, from music, text, doc, video, photos, pdf, applications to contacts, SMS.
  4. Sending Files With Wi-Fi
    In SHAREit you no longer need to use Bluetooth to send or receive files, because in SHAREit you just only enable Wi-Fi on your device and that’s for sure without any data stream in how it works.
  5. Can Send With Various Platforms
    Not only on Android alone you will easily share files with multiple platforms, including Windows, IOS, and indeed Android, so you will more easily transfer files to your computer, laptop, windows phone to iPhone.

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Filename: SHAREit 2017 Latest Version
Identity: Connect2Portal-
Os: For Windows All Version
Size: 5.83 MB
Developer: Lenovo Inc,